March 17 2022

We will soon be sending out a questionnaire to everyone that has registered through our website.

We now have the 1st person that applied overseas and helping out.

In the next week we have a few more heading over.

Supplies are being organized and gathered, very heavy on the medical side of things, suitable for a combat medic.

For those that are considering in heading over, please follow our suggestions on how to get yourself ready.

Logistics is everything, we would rather you not go if you are not properly prepared.

There is such a need for everything, do not think you have to go into combat, this is for a select percentage of the population, even a lot of Veterans have said they are no longer suitable for combat.  Think on that statement.

Be honest with yourself.

Know your limitations.

We will give you our assessment if you wish but be prepared for the truth, if you hate us then good that means we have done our job.

Reach out with any questions at any time and thank you for your interest, the people of Ukraine are very appreciative.