May 7 2022

Combat Medics are currently needed, if you have experience in this field please send a detailed resume to us.

March 28 2022

Here is a great read for those going over.

March 19 2022

There has been some better and clear messaging coming out of Ukraine which we personally appreciate that will make our teams efforts much easier moving forwards. When we set up my our operation for Ukraine it was and still is one of education and information. We could care less if we hurt anyone’s feelings after… Continue reading March 19 2022

March 17 2022

We will soon be sending out a questionnaire to everyone that has registered through our website. We now have the 1st person that applied overseas and helping out. In the next week we have a few more heading over. Supplies are being organized and gathered, very heavy on the medical side of things, suitable for… Continue reading March 17 2022

March 11 2022

One of the team has arrived in Poland and sent us some pictures!  He is gathering up some more items and then off to the border, stay safe!