March 9 2022

Here is an interview we gave yesterday on Ukraine.

March 6 2022

We are continuing to build and make our website faster and more secure. Due to this conflict, operations such as ours along with any and all aid agencies, NGO’s, etc are coming under attack. We are sharing this with others as well if your agency is interested in best practices please let us know, and… Continue reading March 6 2022

March 4 2022

Website issues have been solved, it should be loading better now. E-mail will be added later today or tomorrow as well. We are applying all the best tools we can to make sure the sight remains as secure as possible.

March 3

We have been working away on the website, the last few days as you may have noticed. Tomorrow we will be adding an e-mail address as well. We have given a few media interviews also and will post them up as well. Support is also coming in from the United States to assist with training… Continue reading March 3

March 1: Welcome to this website

This website went live on March 1, 2022 at 15oo hrs., and will serve as a portal for anyone world-wide that wants to head to Ukraine to help the fight and keep their country, or help those heading to Ukraine.

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